Cream Puffs and Kittens in My Eye

It was one of those days where if you looked out the window you would see a pink sunset beyond the dandelion fields. There was a faint melodic humming coming from the trees, like what sap sounds like as it slowly runs its course against rough bark. The young girl’s hand dropped slowly letting the homemade curtain fall gently into place, swaying back and forth as if it didn’t really want to be put back in place at all. She heard someone calling her, it sounded like her brother but she wasn’t sure. She decided to run out the back door, hopefully avoiding him since she was sure he had some bad news. She ran through the dandelions feeling the soft fluttery seeds brushing magically against her cheeks catching in her hair. She never turned back, she kept moving towards the trees feeling like somehow they kept moving farther and farther away from her. She had to stop and catch her breath and in doing so discovered and almost tumbled over a huge mushroom head the size of a large porpoise. She gently stepped on it and raised her hand over her eyes even though it wasn’t very sunny. She searched for the trees that have now vanished in a way that made her think they were never there to begin with. She was light headed feeling swallowed by the now majestic purple toned sky…She turned her body around slowly… at that very moment glowing moss covered butterflies with golden tipped wings dripping in honey began to circle around her, rising from the field below her…she turned again and the butterflies began to turn into sparkly pink hearts that broke in half with raindrops pouring out and falling on the little girls head leaving dazzling dew drops on her eyelashes… She turned again and gasped at the dozens of furry little kittens rolling around her feet batting away at balls of wool purring in tandom…Slowly among the kittens different size mushroom heads began to bloom up from the ground in a curvy line that she was compelled to follow by hopping on each one with one hop then another never feeling like she would ever fall…and hoping she would not, because of all the lovely kittens at her feet…she heard her name faintly at first, then it grew louder she strained to sense which direction it was coming from and then she saw the trees again…and then she saw her house and her brother on the porch…and he had in his arms a basket of little kittens that melted her heart.