Purple Dragon

In a land where cotton candy grew on mountains there was a very well known tree. It was the biggest widest tree in the universe actually. In this tree lived a big rolly polly purple dragon. He was very good at many things, but three in particular. The first thing was that he could balance on his big rolly polly bum and rock back and forth and around in circles where he would levitate off the ground and twirl in the air in the most magical way. The second thing he was especially good at was Hugs. He gave the best hugs. He could actually hug you with his eyes without even touching you. He could hug with his mind and heart too. The best hugs in the galaxy. The third thing he was really good at was growing the best most fabulously fantastic trees. Every tree was different and every tree had layers of candy, sunshine, fruit and hamburgers (some were veggie). The purple Dragon would plant a tiny purple seed and do his rolly polly spins and turns…he would hug and hug and hug the little seedling until it grew and grew. If you lie down under a tree and close your eyes and count to 578 backwards the purple dragon will come out to play…and hug.