Super Ceylon Cardamom Gold

One late afternoon a little girl and her even littler dog were sitting on a cushiony chair. The little girl had her legs crossed very primly and her wee little dog sat in her lap quite primly as well. The little dog was licking a plate that had once contained a cupcake, while greedily eyeing the three tiered tray of other treats and delights equally as magical and yummy. With a disapproving cluck of her tongue the little girl’s grandmother shook her head, and wagged her finger at the little dog followed by a playful chuckle. The little girl was listening intently to the story her grandmother was in the midst of telling….. it was about a magic tea bag she had discovered years ago on a fluffy cloud beyond the sun, beyond the moon and in a circle of stars. This Tea bag was able to talk and see the future and also fly in the air wherever one might want to go. One day when she was feeling particularly sad she hopped on the tea bag and said “ take me anyplace…a place that will cheer me up.” She balanced herself comfortably on the little tea bag and they flew off. They went past the roof tops, past the corn fields, past the mountains, past the clouds, past the sun, past the moon…. …slid down a rainbow, floated on the milky way, circled all the planets…and then through the circle of stars…and then flop she landed head over heels back in her own room. The little girl questioningly looked at the tea bag, waiting for the next step in the journey….since the whole purpose of leaving was to get away from the sadness….The tea bag said to her ..” You need not go anyplace then inside yourself to be happy…” The little girl stared at her grandmother, her little dog barking under the table asking for more treats…. She said “But Grandmother the little girl did go somewhere , she flew all over on that tea bag…didn’t she? “ Her grandmother looked at her and said “Tea bags don’t fly honey. But your heart and mind can.” “hmmmmm “ the little girl pondered and then took a big bite of her cupcake while her little dog lapped at the crumblies falling to the floor.