My Favorite Things for Today….

I have a great appreciation for many many many things….MANY… for example I love Sculptures made of gum or marshmallows… observing pigeons having a party in a large puddle makes me very happy… love gold sparkley nail polish…love neon shoes…love cute talking dogs…love the exterior of homes that are decorated by eccentric people using flamingos, wood circles or lots of lights… I also love all types of glue, stick form or liquid…. I love spontaneous songs like Mango Mango Mango Mango Mango… I love puzzles….I love sitting on a bench in the cold in my warm parka with the hood on… I love staring at something really hard and pretending that I’m moving it and making it fly…

Here are some of my fave discoveries for today… If I could buy them with winks or jumping jacks I’d have them all….ALL!

All pics are linked to the shops….

Shop Names/ Artists in order of appearance: GoldenSilverNowvemberJane HellerTeeShirt GnomeMosie26JettVintageMy Folk Lover,

Meow 4 EverMango PorkStudio KmoNiukbelJolbyAlohaTRON xo