If I was this T-Shirt & T-Shirts Said Stuff This is What I'd be Saying…

This is sort of a side note….even though you don’t usually start with side notes I don’t think…but heck it doesn’t really matter… so side note officially begins now : Somebody mentioned to me today that I wasn’t a wolf yet ( I have been trying my damndest since Friday)…. I’m still working on it…although it seemingly seems to be a work in progress… The thing is that I was thinking recently that I would really love to have a wolf … so that we could hang out by the moon…we could smoke pipes and blow heart smoke rings into the air…. we could also play with sparklers and take awesome pics of each other writing things like I Heart The Universe ….and Me + Wolf + Universe…Forever Together Forever and Ever……..BUT then I read an article on how perhaps owning a wolf isn’t the best idea…it listed many reasons…and they all sounded incredibly reasonable….Mainly what struck me as most important though, was that wolves are wild creatures and they need to be in the wild to be happy….so yes even though I believe that living with one could be potentially Rad…I shall be content with trying my damndest to turn into a wolf myself … and then I could run off and find other wolves and do all the above things in the wild…including making marshmallow sculptures and then racing them by nudging them with our noses….Side Note finished. xo

Okay back to If I was this T-Shirt & T-Shirts Said Stuff This is What I’d be Saying…

Let’s begin with the Tee that I am wearing today…

Brown Haired horse : BH + White Haired Horse: WH + Upside down Kitty : UDK

(background)So I did the twin thing on photo booth…cause for some reason it’s just more fun…so here we have two horses turned into four horses…I’m also wearing a slide necklace I made with shiny kitty stickers I stole from my son…(he’s kind of okay with that)

BH “Hey Darling! Did you see the stars last night?” …

WH ” I did weren’t they absolutely magnificent?”….

BH “They were exquisite just like your insides and your outsides”

WH ” Oh you!… I love when you say stuff like that ”

BH grins and snorts spraying horse snot all over the place…

WH Bats her enormous eyelashes …and winks….

WH “btw I actually did get hit by a falling star last night”

BH ” Oh My ! Really? Are you Okay?”

WH ” Well, ever since it happened this weird thing has been happening to my eye… I keep seeing a floating upside down kitty…and it keeps doing this crazy upside down dance…sort like she’s bobbing for apples….”

BH ” WOW, that is super unbelievable…. Honey shall we go hottubbing now?  ”

WH “Yep!”

The End

New Age Collective Animals Tshirt avail from Blim

One night a white owl was sitting under the moon thinking about how awesome it would be to own every single lollipop that was ever made in the universe…

when his friend Buck came by and said:  ” hey Owl, why is it that every night I get these bizarre stirrings in my antlers that feel like layers of cheese slices are getting wrapped around them and then tied up with elastic bands?”

Owl:  “I’m not sure Buck that sounds very strange but also kind of yummy, oh look there’s SilverWolf and it looks like he’s smoking his magic pipe, let’s go see if he’ll share since sharing is Super Nice..”

Moments later the three friends are contemplating why Buck has this antler cheese slice thing happening, also how elastic flavoured lollipops might be the next huge thing, when Bald Eagle and Black Crow sauntered by…Bald Eagle had found a bag of marshmallows and Black crow found some toothpicks,

Bald Eagle & Black Crow: ” Let’s have a marshmallow sculpture contest”

Red Fox lured by all the yelling and yodelling that the bunch was producing ran to see what all the hub bub was about…. and it seemed that after the sculpture contest they all had decided to play chubby bunny…you know that game that you stuff your mouth full of marshmallows and see how many you could fit in your mouth and still say chubby bunny at the same time…it’s a great game… so fox got in on the action…and before you could say chubby bunny 33 times … he had so many marshmallows in his mouth that he gagged and spewed a river of marshmallow out of his mouth and it completely covered all of his friends with a blanket of  marshmallow…. everyone gasped and then broke into peals of laughter….

Owl: ” I’m nuts for even considering elastic flavoured lollipops when they seem so ass compared to marshmallow flavoured lollipops….”

All the marshmallow covered animals decided to go skinny dipping in the river …. while this was happening two of Silverwolfs brothers were looking for him since he had taken their magic pipe….they had promised Bear that they would show him the pipe because Bear had special magic powers that could replicate various objects ….He once made a picnic basket pile that was shaped as  two robots kissing…it was rumoured to have at least three billion picnic baskets in it….

Finally they found the magic pipe in Silverwolf’s pocket and took off with it to go find Bear….

The Wolf Bros: ” Hey Bear! We got it…. Let’s do this like french fried french food dipped in curried ketchup!”

Bear: “Allrighty set it over there by my lucky lava lamp”

Bear stared at the pipe….he stared and stared and stared…

First it turned into a jaguar, then a yellow wolf, then a bison…. Bear shrugged his shoulders at the wolf bros.

He tried again….

It turned into a golden owl….

Then the golden owl flapped it’s wings and flew out of the cave …while flying she began pooping pipes all the way out the door….

The wolf bros. high fived the bear…

The Golden Owl bumped into White Owl who was naked from the skinny dipping and had lost all his feathers cause they blew away….

White Owl: “Hi”

Golden Owl: ” Burp”

White Owl shuffles his feet

Golden Owl: “Burp”

White Owl: “Do you like lollipops?”

Golden Owl: “Burp” and then all of a sudden out of her mouth flew lollipops…marshmallow lollipops,and they all stuck to white owl covering him up from top to bottom….

White Owl: Grinned

Golden Owl: “Burp”

The End