Trojan Charm

In a dark closet crouched in the corner was a little girl swaying gently trying to forget what scared her. She saw a flash of light in the corner of her eye. She fumbled in the dark and knocked over a heavy wooden box…out of the box fell a heavy necklace. The necklace seemed to glow in her hands, it was warm and made her think good thoughts like ice cream sundaes and walks with her dog and splashing in puddles.
It made her feel protected, it made her feel strong. Strong enough to open the closet door slowly and peek outside looking for any shadows. When she slowly crawled out of the darkness she found herself, not in her room any longer but on an unknown path, with shiny rocks and flowers that she had never seen before. Behind her she felt a presence something was there. She couldn’t see it when she looked back, but she knew, that it was following her. Trying to frighten her, trying to make her feel like she wasn’t meant to be. She took two steps back, and then three more….her necklace that she found in the closet began to glow….before the little girl even realized what was happening a horse appeared before her, standing between her and the thing that was following her. As the girl watched the horse she saw his chest open wide, glowing red hearts started pouring out…twirling and circling the thing that made her feel so scared. She slowly walked to the horse and gently hopped on it’s back and lay down. Then she woke up. In the closet. Feeling much better.