Bim & Bop

There once was an itty bitty plump green frog named Bim. Bim lived in a metal empty can o’beans that had dried up bean sauce around the edges and creases.

Bim had been feeling particularly hollow and sad. He would sit in the opening of the can carelesslesy scanning his surroundings with his big bulgy eyes. He would spend hours balancing on the cusp of his bean can. A bit of Bim in the can and a bit of Bim gingerly poking out of the can. It seemed like Bim wanted to come out and see the mysteries of life his can o’ beans protected him from yet there was something holding him back.
One day Bim was doing his same old listless routine of scanning the outside world when all of a sudden a bright and colorful rainbow with projectile stars whizzed by his head and disappeared behind a distant cabbage patch. Bim was startled by the lingering stars that seemed to dance and scurry around his head and gently land on his eyelashes and froggy lips. Bim felt this unusual urge to follow the rainbows mysterious journey, to somehow capture it, perhaps befriend it….But something was stopping Bim, something he couldn’t quite put his froggy webbed toe on, it was as if he was stuck to his empty can o’ beans, stuck to the dried sauce or stuck to the false comfort and imaginary satisfaction it seemed to exude and in a way envelop poor Bim.
Then he heard a voice, so little, so wispy, in a singsong muffled way telling him…wait what was it saying…Bim could barely hear…it was saying…”Trust in the Universe Bim. Don’t be scared Bim, anyways, the fear will melt away and become sparkley gumdrops caressing your head. “ Bim did not comprehend this message nor the source of it’s creation.
He inched out slightly further from his little spot on the edge of the can and looked up in the sky, then in the distance where the cabbage patch lay and his forlorn heart called to the rainbow. He then looked at the tall brush, the fat furry mushrooms, and the long stalky cherry pie ice cream Flowers that formed a large obstacle course keeping him from his evergrowing fantasy of the rainbow and the adventures it alluringly enticed him with. The voice came again whimsically whispering in his ear…”You can do it, whatever happens, fear it, enjoy it, love it, feel it, hate it, do it, you can, you can, you can. Trust in the Universe.”
Bim wasn’t sure what to do, and with a shaky half step half leap he made his way through the cherrypie ice cream flowers, where he caught some yummy cherrypie yumminess in his mouth that melted away like cotton candy, he hopped on the tops of the fuzzy mushroom heads, and felt a light undulating swelling in his head that made him feel as if he would float away in a bubble of lemony tarts…he leaped through the thick brush feeling like he was jumping on a bed made of lilac and chocolate mousse….he was so happy that he didn’t even notice that his can o’ beans was slowly corroding, incinerating into nothingness, melting away emitting a faint lingering smell of cooked beans…..and in it’s place a rainbow grew, and grew, and grew, this rainbow wasn’t just any old rainbow, it was a rainbow that had every shade of green ever imagined or imaginable in it… was the thickest most greenest most gorgeous rainbow Bim had ever laid eyes on. And all around it floated those floaty fluffy fluffs that you blow and make wishes on and glowed in the sun and sunk in the rain. Bim eagerly rushed to the green rainbow it’s lusciousness pouring over him like a green maple syrup coating pancakes and bacon. He then noticed a quaint lily pad cottage with rosebuds and dragonflies skipping over the lattices. He saw a pink sparkly froggy with eyelashes so long and pretty Bim could barely look her in the eyes. She giggled and slowly bat her long lashes and said “my name is Bop.” Bim grinned back at Bop and turned a particulary greeny shade of red and said “Nice to meet you Bop, my name is Bim.“ Then Bop started to sing “ I think we’re alone now, there doesn’t seem to be anyone around” The End xo