Dwayne Kennedy

Discovering Loveliness is so Sweet….
Lying in the Grass lightly brushing your fingers through the grass and finding a beautiful blue butterfly
Riding your bike through the rain and discovering a rainbow with a cute boy holding flowers just for you
Running through fields of corn and stumbling upon a basket of chocolate covered hearts…

My Lovely friend Miz Monday aka Ingrid Johansson discovered these photos of my Jewelry.
I’m thinking these pieces were borrowed from Boutique Le Trou without me knowing it, which is an extra lovely surprise.

I love these photos,  Dwayne Kennedy an extremely talented Toronto Stylist created a smorgasbord of colorful
delightfulness that brings a smile to my face.
His Portfolio is truly Spectacular
***Dwayne Kennedy***

Thank You Dwayne!

Unfortunately the Photographer and MUA of these shots is still a mystery to me.
Once the mystery is solved I’ll be thanking him/her, and linking this article to their site / portfolio.

In no way am I taking any credit for these shots other than the Jewlery in them.
Copyright belongs to the mysterious Photographer and any publication that they were used in if that’s the case.
Please do not contact me with threats of copyright litigation.
Please do contact me if  it’s to reveal the Other Creatives of these amazingly lovely photos.