I Want a Baby Chick – My Current Obsession of Today

Today I was considering what I want more…. To be a baby chick or have a baby chick?

I’m pretty much leaning towards having a baby chick…in fact I think I’d love a whole bunch of ’em…

I’d give ’em names like Bobo, Spiderman, Sparkle, Gumdrop, Huxtable, Gizmo, Atreyu, & Moonchild…. I would build them a clubhouse with a slide and one of those pools with balls that they have at Ikea for kids…I’d set up an outdoor playground with a camp site and fire pit (of course monitored for safety) so they could roast marshmallows…I would also attach a diving board to the clubhouse roof and have a stack of apple butter sandwiches that they could dive into beak first… I’d set up a tether ball with cotton candy instead of a ball so they could use their cute little wings to hit the ball to each other and if they get hit in the face it’s okay since it’s cotton candy and it’s soft… I would sew myself a huge sweater with a pocket for each little chick and ride my bike with them in my pockets and have the wind blow in their feathers…I would take them to the candy shop and let each one pick their favorite candy and I’d buy it for them…I’d knit them little scarves with pom poms…I would also visit all my friends and subject them to the ultimate cuteness of these gorgeous fluffy chicks to brighten up their days and melt their hearts…I’d bake a really big pie and hang a disco ball over it and play some records and watch them boogie down while I take candid shots and then publish them in my community newsletter…I also read somewhere that they know basic arithmatic so I could stop using my fingers to count and have them add for me…I would also tattoo their names on my body with a 3D image of a Lion but instead of a lion head have their little cute chick heads composed on top…sort of like an eight headed baby chick lion … we would have many adventures together…and they would grow up and have baby chicks of their own…and I would build them a bigger clubhouse and sew a bigger sweater with bigger pockets ….and I think I’ll get a motorcycle with two sidecars and we can roam the countryside……forever and ever…well maybe not forever but for a while….