Miniature Pony – Current Obsession of Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday

Really Really Really Have you ever seen anything cuter??? I mean yes maybe you have….but still.

I’d LOVE me A Mini Pony…..

I’d name her Enchilada, chi chi for short…. Our life would be full of bubbles, and snuggles and lemon cream Pie…It would be so dreamy…

A dream I’d have on loop de loop till the end of time…. Our adventures would include triple scoop ice cream cones, balloons filled with helium flavored cotton candy …AND….


We would go to a passport photo kiosk and get our pics taken then we would laminate them and go take flying lessons and then purchase a hot dog shaped plane and fly over places and drop our laminated photos in the sky but we would make sure that we stuck cupcakes along all the sharp plastic laminated edges so that people and animals didn’t get poked in the eye or have they’re faces sliced…they would actually be cupcaked…


We’d take language classes together …all the languages that exist in the world…we will even teach ourselves our own made up language…and we’ll start a toll-free International & Intercultural Interminiature InterPony Helpline….


We would open up a Vintage Clothing Shop for Mini Ponies and specialize in specialness…like tennis outfits, hot tub party accessories, and workout clothes…


We would climb trees together and then we would jump down right in front of whoever is leisurely walking by and Bam! They would be shocked and surprised and then we would tie a piñata to their leg while they weren’t looking and watch them run off thinking a piñata was chasing after them …


We would cover each other with boston cream and jelly filled doughnuts and tie ourselves to ceiling fans and shoot each other with malt balls so that our exterior doughnut layer explodes all over the place and then we’ll invite all our friends over and have a floor licking party…


We shall go to a bar together and do lots of shots and he’ll be my mini pony wing man while I’m his wing woman and then we’ll dance the night away, hang out in the bathroom, do more shots, start a bar fight and get kicked out and stumble to the nearest pizza place wait in line with a bunch of happy drunks and sing Hey Jude together… then walk home and on the way steal some pylons and recycling boxes and then build a ginormous Robot Lion on our lawn….