Naan Bread I Love You So – My Current Obsession (of today and yesterday)

Once upon a time (on Saturday night) I ordered some yummy Indian take-out from Banjara and it was scrumptious.

Now I got a lot of Naan Bread since mostly it’s almost the best part since I’m into dipping, using minimal utensils (I only eat with chopsticks) and the fun factor is super high….

The experience got me thinking about all the awesome ways Naan bread could be enjoyed other than the obvious eating and slapping people in the face funness.

I mean really the possibilities are endless … you can build a naan tower sort of like jenga and then pull pieces out with your teeth…you could build a whole house, or maybe cottage and have a sailboat with a sail made of naan…you could make masks for yourself and all your friends…you could hang naan like clean laundry and then run through it…you could roll yourself up in it and then eat your way out…you could play frisbee with it…you could make a tiny dog carrying case out of it…you could plant it in the ground and grow naan flowers…you could wear them on your feet at dance parties…you could make it into a silent wind chime…you could make a kite out of it…use it as a bookmark…if you put a post stamp on it you could mail it to a friend or foe… you could cover it with gold glittery nail polish just for fun of course and the fumes….you could make a kitty sculpture out of it and then take separate strips of naan and color them in and attach it to the kitty’s mouth or butt or both and make it puke and poo rainbows…you could probably try to smoke it…you could roll it up in a cylindrical shape and duct tape it to your head and pretend to be a unicorn or a horned tiger…you could make a necklace out of it…or wear it as a kerchief around your face and play cops and robbers…and last but not least you could pour a bunch of naan triangles on your trampoline and jump as high as you can creating that popcorn effect and try to catch the naan in your mouth….. ahhhhhhhhhhh naan!