OOOh Alpacas….My Current Obsession (of Today)

I love the idea of dreaming about one day having…Floppy eared bunnies, magical ponies, zebras, ducks, and tigers…Recently I was on Vancouver Island (the most gorgeous place) and we drove by an Alpaca farm…..Now I’ve never encountered an Alpaca before and I instantly fell in love…The kind of love that wraps you up in a blanket really tight and makes you feel like a baby….ALPACAS…I love them….Now I know deep in my heart that I have to have one… Have you ever seen anything cuter?

One day I hope that my Saturday morning can consist of rolling out of my lightning bolt shaped bed, shimmying down a rope made of quilted elastic bands and tossed away string, wearing rubber boots, wool socks a tutu, and a large sweater, and then run in fields of corn, wheat, bamboo, dandelion puffs, roll down the largest hill in the world… and then lie flat like a star and stare at the clouds and have this amazing Alpaca nuzzle my cheek…..

Have a Magical Saturday xo