Warrior Princess and her Magic Bunnies

In the clouds above the pink sunset, beyond the stars there is a planet that floats in space…

On this planet lives a girl with long flowing shiny black hair that sparkles …

She lives in a heart shaped hut and spends her day sending love to all the creatures in the universe….

She also has 14 lucky bunny rabbits…

The cutest, most floppy eared bunny rabbits you ever did see…

The bunny rabbits all had special magical inspirational powers….

Bunny No.1 sees the future
Bunny No.2 speaks 500 languages
Bunny No.3 cobbles shoes
Bunny No.4 sings any song that exists even if you don’t know what it’s called or how it goes
Bunny No.5 paints your nails by kissing each finger
Bunny No.6 makes anything out of nothing
Bunny No.7 makes every child in the universe feel safe
Bunny No.8 poops little heart shaped candies
Bunny No.9 make ponies fly without wings
Bunny No.10 makes the sun set over and over
Bunny No.11 makes bee stings feel like kisses
Bunny No.12 teaches people to forgive themselves and others
Bunny No.13 makes the wind feel like hugs
Bunny No.14 makes blue marbles float from the sky