Baby Piggy Party with Piggy Clouds and Piñatas

I want three baby piggies, I will name them chopstix 1, chopstix 2, & chopstix 3… I want to carry them in a fuzzy neon green sling and turn round and round really fast until we all squeal in delight…I want to get 6 slushies and slurp them till we get brain freeze and then take turns dipping our noses in them to make’em really really red and slushy runny….I want to take them with me to cheese making factories and watch cheese getting made…. I want to have a baby piggy party and invite all of our baby piggy friends and play games like stack the little piggies on top of chocolate cake and tumble down and toss the piggy over the rainbow and under the rainbow and around the rainbow and then over again….then I want to make a really large wolf piñata and the baby piggies could whack it with a blowtorch baseball bat and then when it explodes little wolf meat jerky and strips and bits will fly out of it and land in our mouths…then I want all of us to head over to a silent auction where we ravage home baked apple pie and hot chocolate and overbid on everything using baby piggy tails and snouts and then run away before we have to pay and kick over barrels on the lawn and steal their chickens and pee on their bushes….then I want to bring my baby piggies with me to a Bingo hall and we shall buy 100 bingo cards and frantically try to keep up with the game and when we forseeably lag behind we will use our handmade slingshots out of gum to fling the bingo dabbers at the big ball machine turny thing and then all the balls will pour out of the busted ball machine turny thing and roll out of the bingo hall and we will run after them making Chewbacca noises … then I want to take the little piggies to the pub where we will order 6 jugs of beer and 12 sides of blue cheese dip and then we will drink all our beer and rub the blue cheese dip all over our bodies and rub up against random strangers and when they ask us what the dealio is we will say that they looked like yummy carrots and celery and chicken wings and then we will run away really really really fast….then I want to go with my baby piggies to the mitten store where we will attempt to stick our whole bodies into one mitten and then we will hop out of the store in our mittenmobile and look for other baby piggies to practice our pick-up lines on….then we will go to the tea shop and glue tea leaves to our heads and read each other’s futures…then we shall invent a new game that’s kind of like tennis but it’s different because we pretend that we are spicy wasabi peas and instead of a tennis racket we will use spaghetti noodles and instead of one tennis ball we use fifty…then at the the end of each day we will retire to the park and bring wine and peanuts and stare at the poofey clouds and play slap yourself silly and we’ll slap ourselves all night long…..xo