If I had a horse I’d name him Rainy …

Rainy and I would fly high above the clouds and catch raindrops in our mouths and the raindrops would explode and rumble in our tummies and then we would feel this tickling sensation in our throats and then our mouths would stretch wide open while neon green lightning bolts erupted out shooting towards every direction in the universe ……and chipmunks and bunnies and baby ducks would raise their arms and wings to try to catch the neon lightning flying every which where… then the lightning would turn into cheese…blue cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, raspberry cheese and goat cheese and then Rainy and I would travel far and wide rolling up the cheese into a huge massive cheese roll which we would then jump on top of and roll like a log towards the ocean and then we would float away on our massive cheese roll towards the sun and then once we got close to the hotness of the sun’s immense hotness powers we would fly away and then hover and watch the massive cheese roll melt gooily into the ocean where the whales and sharks and seahorses will use the cheese as food, and make clothing and thatched roofs with it…then Rainy and I will cut gills into our necks so that we can breathe underwater and we will glue kites to our feet so that we can swim and we shall move to the ocean and live with our underwater pals but first we have to pack….and this is what we’d bring….

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