If You Smell Like Bacon Or Unicorn I Will Lick You …

You know how making-out is so awesome….well so is this little bitty cutie patootie book I wrote….

You should have it in your life, in your wallet and in your pants….

It’s like a non regrettable one-night stand that never ends…

Or like a chicken that lays eggs that explode in your face and give you a third eye….

Or like having a kangaroo in your pocket….

Or like climbing the highest tree in the world and taking the most satisfying pee….

I wrote this little book that is guaranteed to put a giggle in your step….It’s a compilation of funny thoughts that have run across my mind at one time or another and I’ve decided to share them with you and you and you and Mr. Hippo, and your mom, and your dad, and your pet dog, and your hamster and your lover, and your sister and your brother….

I have hand cut the pages and sewn them together …I would describe it as a piece of bubble gum that you’ve been chewing for a while and it’s all randy dandy and then BAM!!! the gum jumps out of your mouth and smothers you with kisses all over your body and then you turn into a cloud that sings karaoke songs and juggles pineapples…in short ….IT’S AN AMAZING LITTLE BOOK…..Buy HERE or click on the above pic xo