My Eyes are Puking Love all over Me and You and Her and Him and That Little guy over there… p.s. dear universe

p.s. Dear Universe,

I feel sometimes that you put these amazing moments and things and feelings out there that make me swoon and puke awesomeness from my entire being…I’m not sure how to Thank you …Perhaps ….I shall just think lovely thoughts like giraffes flying into each other and morphing into a love bubble that bursts and explodes in your face and spills over and trickles to the squirrels down the road double dutching in tube tops and and thigh high sport socks….where they become so overwhelmed with love that they stand on eachothers heads and triple flip vault into a cloud that’s actually a mock cloud impersonating a cloud and then the cloud after being revealed as a mock cloud runs away really fast… so fast that he doesn’t realize that he has left his zipper down…and then he runs SMACK into an oak tree and ricochets backwards into another mock cloud who thinks she’s totally the hottest cloud in the universe and then they tumble over each other and expose their cloud mockness and then fall into the deepest love that ever has existed and then they both make love under the oak tree and make mock cloud babies and they all live happily ever after….. so Thank you Universe… I am always thinking of you all the time forever and ever …and ever….

Love, Sincerely, avec Salutations, Me xo.