I want to be an apple pear banana lemon cranberry muffin robot

I want to be an apple pear banana lemon cranberry muffin robot that eats all the baddies in the world and then spits them out transformed from my saliva into neon green and purple zebra headed penguins with dragonfly wings that can heal the universe with kisses that melt on top and spill all over in great gurgling gushes with swimming singing seahorses with painted lightning bolt bodies that glow and burst and rip through big giant leaves and do loops around clouds and give birds butterfly hugs and then swoop down and pat all the chickens on the back and then settle down for some tea and a good game of Jenga using fingers, earlobes and toes instead of boring wood pieces and then make some puppets out of popcorn and shoe polish and re-enact Romeo and Juliet and each puppet shall have an eye patch and instead of poison there is apple jacks and instead of eating them they are stuck up the puppets noses and then Romeo and Juliet go live in a hut made of raspberry tea bags and every time it rains they climb trees and try to catch the raspberry tea flavored drops ricocheting off their home….then they get lots of horses so that all they could see is horses everywhere and then they taught the horses how to dance and then they had a huge party with the dancing horses and made more popcorn and danced and danced and danced and ate popcorn and danced into the moon then onto the sun then on top of stars and then in the ocean and then on a cloud and they kept dancing and dancing and dancing until they couldn’t any more…..