Waking Up In a Spicy Burrito Bubble

What if you woke up one day and you realized you were in a giant bubble and the bubble was all bubbley and had billions of colors and tasted like a spicy burrito and you then realized that you could float around in your bubble anywhere you wanted and lightly land on various objects, people, animals and you could envelop them into your bubble and float away to another world and wrap yourself in bacon or baby spinach leaves and then float more and maybe join a circus and do calisthenics with the elephants and horses and maybe eat fire and play with the tigers …and then all of a sudden a giant walking sparkly Spider with 11 legs instead of eight came up to your bubble and popped it? Well I’m not at all privy to what goes on in your mind so I couldn’t even begin to take a guess at what you would do in this situation ….but I know what I would do…. While I’m floating in the worldly amazingness I would get all the rad goodies below and when the spider comes to pop my bubble I’ll explode out of it with all my new acquisitions balanced on my head with my leg behind my back I’ll sucker kick him with my other leg and then I’ll tickle him until he blurts out the safe word “Whisky” that we had constituted while watching Hot Rod together in a previous dream…

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shops/artists in order of appearance: Major Rey, The Mint Conspiracy, Daixiaole, Gecesintisi, Carlos Sebastian, Viva Aviva, The Black Apple, Peggy Wolf, From The Blue Shed, Safe As Milk Vintage,

Gather Jewelery, DrawingRoom, Renee Nault.