Fries All The Time ♥

Far Far Away…On a moon lived a pink horse named Sheenah ….She woke up lusting for new adventures ….She felt like exploring the Universe so she jumped off the Moon and swan dived into the stars bouncing on all the planets and asteroids and satellites …….she flew through the clouds…skimmed the waters…ate the rain….nomnomnom……. then she spotted a planet that was covered in brown, green and blue… she landed on a tuft of grass on a huge green pasture covered in mushrooms and sang songs…then an itty bitty pussy cat came over to her and said ” you sing like a bird in love” and then Sheenah said with a smile ” Hey Pussy Cat, you wanna see something I’ve been working on ?” and she took a running leap and jumped into the air … she french kissed a cloud and did five loop de loops and then jumped into a river and exploded back out and then she let out a huge fart and as she flew and continued to fart she created a perfect trail of heart shaped fries with glitter raining all around…and then she flew through the clouds leaving a trail of fries and glitter and love all over the universe….The End…xo