Kissed By The Eyelashes of The Sun

There was a young boy who lived next door to an old woman….She has a son that had long since grown and now lives in a volcano with a dragon…She has a dog that floats behind her everywhere she goes…everyday the young boy would watch her leave her home and she would then disappear for a day or two or three sometimes for whole weeks …she had a shopping cart that she pushed everywhere… across the city, the country, the universe……she had this magical habit of filling up her shopping cart with lovely and sometimes strange things with just a wink of her eye… day the young boy would see her pushing a cart full of pineapples… another time her cart was full of peanut butter heart shaped sandwiches with the crusts cut off…one day the young boy decided to follow her… he saw her leave her home this time with a cart full of rainbow filled donuts…. she walked… he followed…she walked more…he followed more ….then much to the his surprise…right in front of his eyes the rainbow filled donuts transformed into little kittens with wings and they hovered in the cart giving the woman and her dog little licks….then the winged kittens transformed into beautiful large cherries that had little wee holes that sprayed juicy juice that fell in drops on the little boy and felt like what it would feel like to get kissed by the eyelashes of the sun…. the boy smiled… he turned around and walked back home…. the woman turned around and smiled at the boy…in her cart lay 5 sleeping tigers that had full moons balanced on their tails… she yawned and kept walking…. The End.