Summer Quiz

1)Would you rather be kissing in a ….

a) typhoon

b) tornado

c) volcano

d) ocean

e) on top of marshmallow mountain

f) a giant apple

g) all of the above

2) If you were told you had one day to live would you….

a) kiss until u die

b) drink and kiss until u die

c) lie in the grass & stare at the sun and kiss until u die

d) all of the above

3) Let’s say you puked up stars, glitter and the moon… would u?

a) roll around in it and throw it in the air and let it fall back down on u like a glittery puke star shower….

b) get your fave rubber duckie and have it swim in it…

c) kiss forever until it all dries up and just lingers around you like sand on a beach….

d) roll around in it some more….

e) all of the above

4) If you met a person that you loved kissing who told you that every two hours they turned into a wild animal… which animal would you prefer?

a) tiger

b) wolf

c) grizzly bear

d) lion

e) chicken

f) alligator

g) monkey

h) bunny

i) double headed unicorn

j) all of the above