The Girl Who Was Incredibly Special

5 years ago and 5 blocks away lived a young girl who was incredibly special… she lived with 5 panda bears and 3 owls and one wolf… They had tea parties and played wet banana and strung kisses in trees… one of their favorite things to do was to mosey on down to the general store…. the wolf and the pandas and the owls would do a dance for the clerk while the young girl stole various things…. then they would all run giggling and wooping down the road to their tree house built on a cloud on top of a mountain made of cheese flavored moccasins… this is a ritual that began when one day they discovered that the moon was shaped like a cheeseburger… and that same night the owls had somehow cloned themselves …there was only one at the start….and on that night the young girl grabbed a basket of blueberries and smeared them all over her body…and all over the owls, and the panda bears and the wolf….and they howled together and ate cherries and spit the seeds at each other trying to get them up each others nose and in their eyes…. since of course then you can grow a cherry tree out of your nose or your eyes and that would be super splendid…. Ever since that night…. she would steal more things to smear all over herself and her brood…. honey, warm oatmeal, eggplant curry, strawberry jam, bacon juice, warm marshmallows…. and they would all dance and jump and howl at the moon….then they would fly and swim and climb trees….they would bounce into the clouds and laugh as the clouds stuck to their bodies…. eventually the young girl grew older and was told by the clerk of the general store that she was no longer welcome to bring her animal posse into the store…. so in a huff she began to blow out her cheeks and then slowly she began to transform … and right in front of the clerks eyes the owls and the pandas and the wolf all morphed into her body and she turned into a dragon and then she set the store on fire and it burned to the ground…. and then a tree began to grow in its place…. a great big tree…with large gorgeous cheeseburger flowers blooming all over its greatness…. The End. xo