Wishing Wishes that Wish This Way and That Way and My Way and Your Way…

I wish that the wrinkles around my eyes were actually flowy rivers with little ducks and frogs and lilypads and dragon flies and baby mermaids that flowed forever and ever on my face and wrapped around everything I passed… like ribbon rivers of cuteness…

I wish I could find a large sized squirrel that would help me build a treehouse with a diving board …a trampoline roof ….and  a window that follows the moon….

I wish that when I picked up dog poop and sang to it…it would turn to money…or butterflies….

I wish my skin could change diff’t colours every 32 minutes …. like neon beige….chartreuse…. lacy black….

I wish my shoulders could grow burgers ….

I wish I had a shirt made of brown sugar… pants made of lightning and hair made of glitter, love and tigers….

I wish that hammocks were floating everywhere in the sky… like air molecules…hammockair molecules… and I could just jump on and lie there and float by some wolves and grab ’em and throw ’em in my hammockair molecule and we could float together and get smoothies and get our nails done and try to find kittens to snuggle with….