Dear Summer, I Love You….

Dear Summer, I love you so much so that I want to lie with you in the park and stare up at the leaves in the trees and make up stories about little mini penguins that live in the clouds and make out with ducks….I want us to share slushies and pour them down each others throats and then stick the straws in our nose and pretend we are walruses on acid…I want to sing you a song about dancing coconuts and bananas…I want to buy a ridiculously large bag of sour keys and make a mosaic all over your body…. I want to walk through a dog park with you and make a wish on every single pile of dog poo… I want to hold hands and jump over waves in the ocean… I want us to look for jellyfish together and put them in our pants…. I want us to gaze at the stars together while licking peanut butter lollipops and blow kisses to the moon…I want to roll in the hay with you Summer and get Barnyard Sexual….then we shall have little human – summer babies and they can have your last name if you want… and we can put our little ones in our rocket ship bike and fill it up with edible play doh and create rather large monsters that spit cheeseburgers out of their mouths that we could catch while jumping on a trampoline…. Oh Summer we can get chickens and pile them up on one another and then catch them when they fall…we could eat rainbows and feel up the rain …. we could make pancakes that fly and tie our shoelaces together and eat hot dogs and go mini-putting and play frisbee…. we can watch each other brush our teeth and floss… we can make cheese from scratch…. we can grow a ginger tree and live in it forever and suck on freezies….we can lick each others armpits and count our eyelashes…. I love you Summer more than you will ever know……. love and salutations and loads and loads of french kisses,  me xo