If I was a Dinosaur…

If I was a dinosaur my name would be Apple Pie and I’d be gold and purple and have neon pink feathers all over my back and tail…I’d also have tigers on my eyes that are sleeping … I’d give little puppies and nice people rides…..I’d swim in waterfalls and play with dolphins and mermaids….I’d look for wolves and kiss them….I’d make moonshine out of sparkly dragonflies and stars and then I’d drink it with the moon and we’d laugh together and maybe make out a little and then I’d go home to my tree house balanced on the tip of the earth and lie on the ground and stare at the sky forever until the sky got mad at me for staring and then I’d bake some cookies made of leaves and mushrooms and love and then I’d glue every single cookie all over my body and my tree house and the sky…then I’d pour honey all over everything…the ground …the sky…the trees… you…and me ….everything…and then I’d eat it all up…. xo

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