If I was a Feather…I’d be a Dragonhawk Feather…

If I was a feather I’d probably be a feather that belonged to a dragonhawk with fierce rainbow eyes and claws that grow flowers… first I’d get plucked off during a lovefight which is when dragonhawks attack each other with spit while shooting rainbows at each other while making sweet love on top of large trees that grow pomegranates filled with chocolate eggs… then I would slowly fly across to the moon where I would whisper kisses into each glowing eye…then I would fly into a bunny nest and land on a bunny tail and giggle while the bunny tries to catch me by spinning so fast that he falls to the ground and his whiskers quiver…then I would find a big puddle of mud and roll around in it with my mouth open catching grains of earth in my feather teeth and then try to spit them out at dragonflies overhead…then I would go find a puddle of gasoline and stare at the colors and then lay languidly on the surface breathing in the lovely fumes making me heady and lovely….then I would look for a jumping billy goat and watch him jump over frogs, and ponies, and planets…then I would go find some friends and we would all get into a massage train and eat grapefruits with no hands and then we would break into a cuddle puddle and melt into each other and seep into each others pores and then seep back out and reform ourselves with a little of each other lingering inside…. then I would go to the post office and search for a love letter and then I’d read it while catching my feathery tears in my feathery mouth….then I would run into a chicken coop and give each chicken a lovely wet kiss since they all have to share one rooster… and then I’d go see some squirrels and dust off their nut pile…and then I’d go shopping for nail polish cause I like to sniff it…. and then I’d go to the movie theater and jump into the popcorn machine and dry hump every single kernel… and then I’d go for a floaty walk and avoid stepping on cracks or gum, or pee…and then I’d climb a tree and stare at folks walking under me and feather yell things at them…like “good day for a picnic” and “would you like some pie?” and “the owls are not what they seem” … then I’ll jump off the tree and float to a volcano and sunbathe beside the lava…and then I’ll lie really really really really still until I reincarnate into a heart shaped piece of puppy chow and then get eaten by a cute puppy and then ride his insides and get pooped out and flushed down a toilet to play with the pink crocodiles…The end… xo

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