Disclaimer: This might seem weird to some…

Disclaimer: This might seem weird to some….so if you’re reading this and you never considered cloning yourself so that you could make out with yourself then perhaps you might want to skip this post and try your damndest to find something less weird on my site…. p.s. you might have some difficulty….xo

So today I realized that I was constantly staring down at my boobs and it made me think about how I find myself super hot to the point where I was distracting myself from worky stuff…. and then I got to thinking wow ….what if I cloned myself ?…. this would be amazing right? Firstly I would already know so much about myself….I would know where I live, how I live, who is important, when my dog Thor needs to go pee and poo and when to feed my kid….. that kind of stuff….

So I decided that if I could I would clone myself and I’d name my clone Galactic Tiger and we would do things like find abandoned buildings and trace our body outlines on the brick walls and then make-out….we would go to grocery stores and fill up our carts with products that start with the Letter F then we’d go to the manager’s office and turn on the main intercom and make-out, then we’d go to Niagara Falls and ride the Maiden of the Mist and jump in the water and ride on the whales and then find an enclave behind the falls and re-enact that scene in Goonies where they make out in a cave under the rushing water…then we’d go into the jungle and look for fresh fruit growing on trees, eat it and rub it all over each other and and then climb into a palm tree and make-out….and then we would go to a factory that makes soap and jump into the big vat with all the sudsy bubbles and make-out….then we’d make lots and lots and lots of heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and jump on a jumbo jet and then go skydiving together while we make out and drop all our sandwiches over a soccer field full of hot guys and girls and then land on the field and lick everyone’s face off and then make out with all of them….then we’d get a huge box of wine and a slip n slide and pour the wine all over it and kill ourselves laughing and sliding and then make-out….then we’d make out some more  listening to this….. xoxoxoxox