Dear Magic…will you gang bang the wind with me….

Dear Magic,

This might seem odd or maybe you get this all the time… but …. how do I say this….well I WANT you…. I want to eat you up I want to lick your face I want to steal you and never give you back…. I want to duct tape ourselves together…I want to chew gum with you and blow really big bubbles and have the bubbles conjoin and surround us and push us together so that we are a sticky mess of magicalness… I want to get braces and have you get braces so that when we kiss our braces intertwine and get stuck… I want to be in a band with you where we both are the lead singers but we have to stick our tongues down each others throats to hear ourselves sing… I want to fly away on a really large tambourine and find dinosaur bones with you so that we can build us a hut with them where we can paint ourselves and birdwatch of our deck…. I want you to love me and paint my toe nails with glittery gold nail polish…. I want you to stalk me wherever I go even in the bathroom when I’m going poo…I want you to violate me every second of every day of every week of every month of every year till I die…and even when I die I want you to violate me after I’m reincarnated into a red panda or an abandoned kitten… I want you to ride my bike with me and gangbang the wind with me…. I want you to make moccasins with me and twirl my hair….. I want to roll you up in a cloud and tie you up with lightning and coat you with bacon and eat you up…. and then I’d puke you up and we’d hug forever and ever and ever and then I’d give you my favorite horse with the braided hair and then we could go to the drive thru and eat burgers and rub ketchup all over each other and stick popcorn in our ears….. I know this might be overwhelming…. and I hope you understand that I’m not looking for a one – night stand … I want you forever and I’ll do ANYTHING for you…. Magic be Mine….. Love Me xo