Running Through Ginger Fields and Making Out…

I don’t know if it’s the summer, the sweat or just me….. but all I can think about is making out…. all the time….Imagine if you never had to work or do anything you didn’t wanna do…and you can just make out forever….. swooooooooooooon…. I find myself wishing that the real universe was actually like my universe in my head and if I could actually live in the universe in my head all I would do is create art ….and make out…. climb mountains of ice cream….and make out…. dance and make out …. hang out with baby pandas and sweet lambs….. run through ginger fields and make out….I wanna make out with paint… the colours chartreuse, periwinkle, sand, process red, goldenrod, deco blue, apple green, tree green, green tea green &  french grey 20%…. I wanna make out with bacon double cheeseburgers, beef jerky, veggie jerky, ice cream cones, dim sum, sharp cheeses, pickled herring…. I wanna make out with vodka, pimms, pineapple juice, mango smoothies, heart shaped ice cubes, cream soda slushies and ginger water….I wanna make out with packing tape, bubble wrap, sparkles, sparklers and scented candles….I wanna make out with the new American Apparel nail polish collection… I wanna make out with a large rustic brick wall… I wanna make out with hay, poppies, clouds, lightning, thunder, rain, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, volcanoes, a massive dragon and zombies….there’s probably more….but for now that’ll do…. xo

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