Back In The Day If I Was A Kid Again….

Back In The Day If I was a kid Again I’d run away as soon as soon as my legs sprouted wings … I’d sprint into the forest and convince a tree to grow branches around me in a tight embrace…I’d nap while listening to lullabies sung by the leaves…I’d play everyday with the butterflies and cicadas …I’d nuzzle up to gorillas and tigers and glean their secrets about life being life, and it is what it is, about how to love oneself unconditionally with so much fervour that lightning would shoot out of ones heart and light up the universe and fill every being with passion, love and understanding…I’d sneak into villages, cities and nooks and steal little children who are hiding from their parents in fear, pain and confusion…I will nudge them from the their hiding spots, grasp their hands and pull them from closets and dark solitary corners…I will give them their own ponies and stallions, I will surround them with bubbles that have floating squirrels playing violins in them…I will build them castles in the trees and skies made from their favorite foods in their favorite colours…like pink hot dogs and purple bear claw cookies…We will do Tai chi every morning and meditate all afternoon….The gorillas and tigers and I will teach them to look inside themselves and feel the goodness in their minds and spirits, their bodies, their souls…we shall teach them how to be lovers with self-worth and feel the brimming joy of knowing that they are amazing beings that can love, shall love themselves and others forever and ever till the end time….so much love that air molecules around them will always go pop pop pop in a mini explosion symphony that resembles the feeling of having ones belly button licked…When they are ready I will disperse  them like bees pollinating flowers all over everywhere and they will share their trust, love and knowledge with everyone, everything, every being, big or small, short or tall, skinny or fat, green or blue, striped or spotted or both….And while they are making magic and enjoying love and life …I shall retreat back to my treehouse…I’ll pick berries and thistles and glue them all over me while I act out my dreams with finger puppets made of pinenuts….I will chat with armadillos and polar bears about inventing telescopes that can make planets mate like an online dating service…I shall play poker with bunnies gambling with kisses and fingernail clippings … I will light bonfires every night and make sculptures with the burning logs and etch love letters in the wood….and one day at exactly 11:33 I will lie down on the pouffiest cloud I could find and die…And then I will be reborn as a tiger cub and nap soundly as my mother licks my fur and my father snores contentedly in my ears…. The End xo.