I’ve been thinking about lots of things…

I’ll let you in on a little wee secret….but you can’t tell anyone especially the seahorses….. especially a particular seahorse that goes by the name of Harvey…. okay here it is…. First I love to ride my bike with my eyes closed…I don’t do it all the time but seriously it’s amazing you should try it… the other secret is that everyday when I ride home from work I have to go up the highest damn hill in the universe to get to my house and when I’m pumping up that hill I have a little poem/song I sing in my head and it goes like this…

jellyfish are making love, elephants are making love flowers are making love, bacon pies are making love, dragons are making love, dinosaurs are making love…..

another version goes a little like this….

caterpillars are making love, trees are making love, potato chips are making love, knee socks are making love, cracks in the pavement are making love…..

These little ditties get me up the hill…. and there are many variations….. so yes that’s my secret sharing for the day….

I also had some random thoughts cross my mind recently like….

* I wonder if this is what an owl feels like….

* It would pretty rad if you could stick things in your eye and just have them poking out….. like that pirate dude that had a fork sticking out of his eye in Pirates of The Caribbean…like you could stick a sparkler out of your eye and light it…. or french fries …yeah you could tape a bunch of them together and then stick ’em in you eye and have them hovering over your face and lick ’em or nibble on ’em….. or you can stick a marker in your eye and walk around drawing on things and people’s faces… scribbling  words like jimmerjash or Fuck life is tasty on everything…. but with your eye…. so awesome….

* Everyone absolutely everyone and everything should taste some sunshine every single day… taste it on your face…on your tongue…. on your lips….. on your teeth…. roll it around in your mouth…. imagine it’s a lollipop made of sweetness that lasts forever…

* Raisins are not just for kids….really they’re not….

* Pop-Tarts are amazing… I want to glue them to myself and to all the walls of my house… I want teeth made of pop-tarts…. I want pasties made of pop-tarts… I want my underwear to be made of pop-tarts…..I want my breath to smell like pop-tarts…. I wanna be able to blow my nose in a kleenex and open it up and see pop-tarts….

* I was thinking about how when unicorns are doing it they probably also have the same thoughts cross they’re mind as humans do… like hmmm i wonder if she’s into cheeseburgers …or hmmmm i hope he loves going down…. or hmmmm I wonder if she will let me do that thing with her butt……. unicorns …. hmmmmmmmmm…

* Taco Popsicles …. perhaps yummy…. oui!

That’s it …… for now…. xo

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