Looking for….

Dishwasher/housecleaner/life organizer that likes jerk chicken and doesn’t mind wearing jerk chicken perfume, must sing Give It To Me by Rick James while washing dishes, must incorporate the words cloud, unicorn, bacon, and love in almost every conversation… Must be open to occasional popcorn fights and hot tub parties…Should be good at building stuff  i.e. a tree house… Must like Pandas and be a really good hugger the kind of hugger that gives hugs so squishy that someones ends up peeing themselves… Must like fluorescent underwear and be able to lasso chickens and catch dandelion puffs with your lips…  Must also be able to communicate with squirrels… Can make home made vodka popsicles… Also must be amicable to the idea of tandem knitting, quilting or crocheting cocoons… Ideally you can morph into a wolf, tiger, or whale….

Compensation: I can pay you with marshmallows, necklaces, art, tequila, vodka, pickles, and if there’s chemistry massages and makeouts… oh yeah and face painting…

2 thoughts on “Looking for….

  1. I’m back, I’ve missed you and your magical posts, I love this photo, I’m so sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you in Toronto, it’s grey outside but there’s a rainbow in my heart because of you.nxxx

  2. Dear lovely magical muffin…. Thank you!!! and remember that whenever and if ever you are here I will smother you with kisses and honey and we’ll skip over the moon and fly with glittery dragons and lie in the grass singing love songs to the trees…. xxx

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