Hmmmmm…..If I could be any fruit I’d be a Watermelon….

I want to be a Tiger StormTrooper… like when I take off my helmet you see Tiger…. yeah.

Zebras are AWESOME.

Orange Marmalade is weird and not a good weird like me or you… a bad weird…

I tried seeing with one eye for a while, it takes getting used to… but when I’m drunk I noticed seeing with one eye makes me see better….weird.

One day I want to walk into a store and open up every single bag of pasta on the shelf and string it all together and see how long a store shelf full of bags of pasta is all tied together on one string…

I wish I had a automobile that wasn’t really fully an automobile but more of an elephant that flies without wings kind of like Dumbo but not Dumbo more like a helicopter elephant pelican brontosaurus T – Rex kind of flying elephant automobile….

I like my sunglasses … but I shouldn’t wear them in the dark … while riding my bike… or conducting a train… maybe I should only wear them in the dark if I’m eating potato chips…. feels safer… kind of….

If I had a chicken I would throw paint on her a lot… and I know the chicken might hate it… but I figure if I make popcorn necklaces for the chicken and promise to cater romantic picnics for her and her rooster friend maybe she’d be down….

I’m really into Salami these days….

2 thoughts on “Hmmmmm…..If I could be any fruit I’d be a Watermelon….

  1. orange marmalade? cause I love all other marmalades …I’d roll around in ’em …but orange…. hmmmmm nope….np.s. please come over to my house and eat potato chips in the dark with me ….. pretty please…. xo

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