Necklaces For Dreams… Yup …It’s a Sweet Give-Away

We all have dreams…. and we all live life…  we work, we have families, responsibilities, insecurities, fears, passions, distractions  and struggles…
Our dreams sometimes get lost in the fray of all that…

I want us to inspire each other…

Everyone who contributes in the comment section below or above (it keeps moving) this post will have a chance to win one of two necklaces….

All you have to do is….

Describe what your dream is…  what you want to be doing… and what steps you are taking to make it happen…

Or if you are already living your dream describe it… and explain how you got there…

I’ll tell you my dream to start this party right….

My dream is to one day to be living completely off my art and creating art with children and art minded people. I want to live somewhere green and beautiful, surrounded by nature, animals and eat ice cream cones everyday… I want to have an art drop-in center for kids and a huge gallery displaying their art, my art, every ones art… I want to take walks everyday through a lush forest… I’m going to live in a yurt while I build a tree house and write books that will make every one want to dream more… I want to make everything with my hands… The way I’m gonna make this happen is by believing in myself and my dream… save as much money as I possibly can… make as many necklaces and art pieces that I can… and promote myself and my work like wildfire…I’ll think about my dream and where I want to be every day, moment and night while I enjoy the shit out of every day, moment and night until I make my dream come true…


Now your turn… let’s inspire each other….and Thank You for all your Support, Love and Amazingness….

The two necklaces up for grabs ….

p.s. Every 25 dreams I’ll add one more necklace to the give away… so spread the love, share this post, tell your friends while you’re at the playground chewing gum playing double dutch…. xo

p.p.s. I’ll ship anywhere…even to the moon

p.p.p.s. ends November 15, 2010

17 thoughts on “Necklaces For Dreams… Yup …It’s a Sweet Give-Away

  1. I am part way along in the dream already. I am finally doing work that I feel passionate and fulfilled by, and I am learning to find peace and love in myself. A nice boy and a baby would be nice. But I am enjoying the journey at the same time. Like dancing and laughing, and ending up in unexpected places in the world. And of course hanging with you. xo xo

  2. I have a dream to live in a world not at war, a world with equality and justice for all. I dream that in this world, we respect animals and nature and I live on a farm, in my own house that I helped build with my family and friends. I dream to live on this farm on a property with other like minded friends and family, who also have their own homes on our shared property. We all have privacy too! We share the farming and the gardening. We share recreation and books and art and outdoor sports activities. I dream that this property has 100’s of acres that we all manage it together in peaceful liberty. I dream that I will make a living by my art and by taking care of others. I dream that I am able to get up really early and go for a run and do yoga with my friends. I dream of having a rock climbing wall on this property and mountain bike trails. I dream of finding time EVERY DAY to do my art projects. I dream of building a cob structure with old colourful wine bottles. I dream of having a building on my property that is at least half underground. I dream of solar power and a large beautiful cookstove. I dream that I have the most awesome camp on this property to help share this way of life with others young and old. I dream of having orgasms every day. I dream of throwing fabulously fun parties with the people that I live with on our property, especially for solstices, and for no other reason except to have a wonderful party! I dream that I can talk to animals and that I have horses to ride, and alpacas to collect wool to knit. I dream that I have more children. I dream that I get a degree from university and that I one day have the scientific knowhow to rig my own solar electricity and wood furnace and to know how to use animal poo (mine too) to create methane gas to fuel our stoves etc. I dream of making a series of bicycle powered machines. I dream of making a methane powered 4×4. I dream of creating images with my art that make people go to a spiritually envigorating place every time they look at my art. I dream of creating crazy knitted fashions out of leather and fabric and I dream of working with wood a lot, and feathers, and yolk paint, and i dream that i have the most amazing art studio that i am able to share with the other artists on our communal property. I dream that many other people live like I live and that there are small scale farm co ops everywhere, and that it is illegal to raise animals fro meat unless you treat them well. I dream that Canada’s second language is a native tongued one. I dream that the native’s of the world can reclaim what they have lost. I dream that the demons that haunt people and turn them bad disappear. I dream that The FORCE is realized and goodwill overcomes evil in this world. I dream that my dreams come true and that yours do too.

  3. I have a dream to start my own natural makeup and products out of only all things that are natural and chemical free .nI have stopped using regular makeup do to this idea inspired from other businesses and youtube videos .nI would love to travel the world and have my own business from the natural products and to be able to support myself financially .nDreams of excitement , color , independence , strength , and no fear , and to be able to withstand anything on my own .nI want to have more self confidence and happiness and excitement in my life with my goals I want to work on . I need to take the steps to get there by going to college to study Ayurveda . I hope to as soon as possible .nnthanksntumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  4. I know this sounds shallow but I wrote soo many dreams down, with out even touching the surface of my dreams, so I must add I dream of winning a lot of money too!

  5. I have a dream of the perfect kitchen, where I can cook many hours each day and feed people who love food as much as I do. I want it to be a bit like an exclusive restaurant (not about making money, though). I’ll have a big greenhouse and outdoor garden and a beautiful room where people I’ve invited can sit together at a big harvest table to eat. All day I’d pick fresh food and prepare it in my kitchen with CBC radio one on. There woulnd’t be a menu – just one choice of 5 or 6 courses I’d prepare – you get what I’ve made (but I promise it’s all yummy).

  6. kitchengirl…. that sounds WONDERFUL…. p.s. please post your email so that I can contact you if you win… Merci Lovely Lady! xo

  7. I’m posting this for the lovely cheyenne….. xoxoxonnI have a dream. it is to go to Egypt. I have wanted to go since I was a little girl. I have always loved cats and was therefore fascinated with the fact that kitties originally came from there. Then I discovered the Pyramids. When I started to study art history that made me want to go even more. I found a map from the 1800’s of Egypt, in an old book in the UBC library… The British used it to navigate the Nile when they were colonizing (and stealing everything Egyptian). I would stare at the map and dream of one day sailing down the Nile. And I will. My favorite paintings were the ones that the British and French painted to represent these new lands and I became fascinated with this colonial art acting as Propaganda. It still fascinates me as now we use the media and staged photos to create our vision of these other cultures. Think about the Chilean Miners. Art was used in the same way.nnI had the good fortune to go to both The Louvre and the British National Museum. I could not believe my eyes! Full Egyptian facades, columns, and temples and obelisks and pharoahs – OH MY! But but but, I thought, what does that mean for Egypt? What is left there?nnWhat am I doing to make that dream come true? I am working for the man, saving my pennies, and dreaming of the second cataract (the cataracts are shallow areas of the Nile where they used to trade and swim and wash clothes etc). I also really like black, liquid eyeliner and named my kitty cat Cleopatra.nnUltimately I would like to bring a piece of Egypt back with me when I go. I must first go to Britain or France and, very sneakily, sneak a tiny pebble, or a grain of sand, to bring with me, to try to give something back to a land that is so rich in our history – far beyond our actual knowledge (yes, i think they liased with aliens).nnI heart Egypt, kitty cats and aliens – oh and YOU!nnxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxxoxonn

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