Yurts and Moonshine Flowers …

One day very soon I’ll be living in a beautiful green place in a yurt… I’m going to have one yurt for dreaming, one yurt for french kissing, one yurt for foot massages, one yurt will be for rolling in cotton candy, and one yurt for art making…. I’ll have a yurt for our billy goats, one yurt for our ponies, one yurt for our dogs, one yurt for our goldfishes, and one yurt for our alpacas…. oh yes and one yurt for our giraffes … and one yurt for the chickens that I’ll  spray paint gold and neon black… oh yes and one more for ewoks… we will grow things like endless crops of ginger, sparklers, glo – sticks, artichokes and winterberries that explode in our mouths… we will create moonshine that makes our brains melt and our hearts lick our insides…. we will enjoy moonshine flowers that will grow wildly all the way up to the moon and make the moon fall in love with us and want to hang with us every night and caress us all with moon loveliness while we swim in moonshine delight…..everything we eat shall be heart shaped forever even when we chew it and it goes into our tummy it will stay heart shaped….even when we poo… little poo shaped hearts will float out of our bums…. even the ponies  and other animals will eat heart shaped food like heart shaped hay and heart shaped grass… and we’ll eat heart shaped sandwiches, heart shaped corn and  heart shaped burgers, heart shaped radishes and heart shaped shrimp…. we will all go on journeys through the trees and mountains and try to catch clouds with our teeth and collect treasures like really long blades of grass…pinecones….wolf teeth….baby mermaid scales…unicorn hair… and phoenix feathers …. then we’ll go home to our yurts…. and glue everything we found to our bodies and tie them into our hair…. we will sit around a fire and tell stories about water that isn’t wet and clouds that need to eat people to survive… and dragons that marry ocean waves…. and trees that fly and try to eat the sky but the sky evades them every time…. I will also build a tree house that looks over our yurts … where I’ll live on days that the sky has a tinge of pink …and I’ll sit on the roof and blow bubbles flavored with my spit after eating caramel popcorn over our yurts….and the bubbles will float over all the animals and land on their noses and pop yummily in their mouths…. the tree house will have a telescope that can read minds… it will also have a huge heart shaped tank of rainbow water filled with sea horses and frogs that speak french and mandarin, and a language that combines both with mongolian and then they discuss teenage mutant ninja turtles and how April and  Michaelangelo were so hot for nights on end…. My little dream place of yurts, tree house and animal friends will be the official lovers of the sun…. the sun and us will make babies…we will taste the sun in our mouths… the sun will taste us in it’s mouth forever and chew us up and spit us out and roll us around and lick us all over…. the sun and the clouds will fight over us and tumble and rumble… yell and fight…then make love hard to see who could do it harder and then whoever did do it harder gets to do all of us all over again…. One day very soon… this will be my life…. until then I will live and love and dream and role play scenarios of pandas and tigers having hard dirty rough consensual sex with the universe in it’s drunken state of chaos…. xo

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