Fox and Kitten Love Story

One day Mr. Fox went for a stroll through a valley of butterflies… he very much liked the valley of butterflies because when they flew by his whiskers it felt like kisses that tasted like lemon tarts…on this particular day he lay down in the long grass and stared at the sky watching the clouds float by… he fell asleep dreaming of love, rainbows and other fancy things…like shoes, boats, shiny cars and disco lights…while he was dreaming the sun began to set and he shivered a little knowing he must awake…when he slowly opened his eyes bright lights beamed through his lashes above him was the cutest furry kitten standing there… She had big brown eyes that sent lightning bolts to melt his heart… he instantly felt close to her and smiled shyly wanting to reveal all his dreams to her… she curled up to him and snuggled into his fur… she whispered his future and made him an origami walkmans out of lucky paper that you could lick and stick…he gazed deeply into her eyes and saw strawberry pies and rain made of gold chains and diamonds that fell from the skies… that night when the moon danced over their heads they made babies beside a fire in a marshmallow bed…they now live together in a hut made of glass so they could see each other every moment in time…they learned to kiss with their eyes…they painted each others thighs… then they died…their spirits intertwined…

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