Random Friday Thoughts

~sometimes I think life would be far more interesting if we all lived in the ocean and the ocean was made of booze

~if I was a koala bear I would find a way to play ping pong with my ears

~franchise idea: burrito stand that wraps customer up in burrito and then you have to eat your way out

~if I were to own a brothel,  instead of regular rooms we would have air balloons

~potato chips: why isn’t there a flavour that has all the flavours in one bag?

~why hasn’t anyone invented underwear that plays music?

~it would be neat if I could replace my head with a head sized ice cream sandwich that never melts

~has mooning gone out of style cause no one seems to do it anymore?

~if the little globbies in bubble tea made people orgasm I’d be way more inclined to try one