There was a girl who lived in a burrito….

There was a girl who lived in a burrito.

Her name was Hot Sauce.

She sucked on life savers a lot.

She was working on making wings out of wet sticky life savers and leaves.

She wanted to fly far away.

One day as she was sucking on life savers she heard a rustling behind her.

She turned around and saw an animal lumbering towards her.

It seemed to be 1/4 penguin, 1/4 brontesauras, 1/4 snowflake and 1/4 goldfish.

She almost choked on her life saver and had to administer the heimlich maneuver on herself.

They gazed at each other for a split second and then the animal said to her,

” I could smell your life saver hot sauciness from my spaceship and I have come to tell you I must

now hug you to death. Now I know death sounds scary but getting hugged to death is the ultimate way to die. So don’t worry you burrito house dwelling spicy life saver

sucking cute little cutie. Now, get your ass over here.”

Hot Sauce sighed, winked and ran into his arms.

Then she swooned and died.

The End.