Violet Rainbows and Love Songs

Once upon a time and long long ago there was a feathery grassy hill with a little house made of violet rainbows perched on the very top.  In this house lived a young woman with a wolf that had snowy fur and laser blue eyes. They lived in this house for many years eating flower filled sandwiches and singing to the sun in ancient nomadic siberian love tones.  One day the young girl was sitting by the sea weaving feathers and pinecones into her hair when she saw something floating in the distance… She raised her hand to block the sun and tried to see harder and harder so that she could make out what was floating towards her seldomely visited beach… then it came near in an instant and washed up by her toes… it was a large teacup with a young man in it covered in apricot marmalade, wearing goggles that shone like diamonds in the wind..stunned yet intrigued she asked him what he thought he was doing there washing up on her beach and all… he replied with a marmaladey wink and chuckle that he knew great things about her…in fact he knew her well…since he had an owl with a crystal ball in place of her tummy and the owl allowed him to see the young girl whenever his heart desired… stunned yet wonderfully pleased she shook her head in disbelief…he then sat down beside her and took her hand…and said ” 1-I had to come talk to you the first time I saw you 2-I love you 3-I love your wolf 4-I love your heart 5-I love apricot marmalade.”  The young woman shook her head and said “you don’t know me … 1- I am clumsy 2- sometimes I don’t feel like I have a heart 3-I have one purple eye and one red eye 4-I think my destiny is to be alone 5-I hate apricot marmalade.” He smiled and gazed into the clouds … ” I know we are meant to be together ” Then he gently took a feather and began to weave it in her hair.