Ack!! It’s been too Long… UPDATE TIME! NEW Necklaces!!


Oh Hi, I haven’t written in ages…. I have no excuse other than I’m growing a baby…. HA!! It’s amazingly true…. whilst working and making weirdly beautiful necklaces and singlehandedly raising a now 7 year old little guy aka Lego Maniac I have met a magical partner who rocks our world and heck now we’re having a little monkey…. So yes, I haven’t posted in ages and hardly worked on my art cause I have been exhausted and busy wondering why I feel like ass and want to kill everyone with my eyes.  BUT yes there is a but … I have worked on some pieces … I haven’t shared with you my new necklaces yet…so this is what I shall do… right now…. right here….In this very moment…. Voila xo

p.s. I am going to try to write more frequently ….perhaps….xo

p.p.s. I am working on a new Necklace idea that might make you die. Just warning you….

p.p.p.s All the necklaces above can be purchased in my etsy shop but the fringe with the pink and white…That lovely piece is sold.