Wish Skin

far away … next to a grassy hill… beside a castle full of bears…lived a little unicorn with 2  baby unicorns… they lived in a tree that grew butterfly shaped bananas dripping with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon… one night when the baby unicorns were asleep in their fluffy beds the little unicorn lay on the floor of the tree…she was making wishes by peeling skin off herself … every piece uncovered shimmering blood that tasted sweet and bitter and sweet again…she wished that she would find someone or something that would  love her and her loved ones wholly and fully and unconditionally… she wished this wish over and over again… and again and again and again… while she lay there staring at the moon with shiny fat tears dripping from her eyes… her tears made the moon smile and cry at the same time… the moon’s tears watered the plants, flowers and frogs and fell on the castle full of bears and created a river that bunnies in boats floated away on in search of other bunnies to fall in love with… it is unknown if her wish came true…all that is known is that she no longer lies on the floor crying… she no longer peels her skin… and her baby unicorns are happy and live with other baby unicorns and they play in clouds and have picnics and eat sandwiches that overflow with lactose free cheese…the end.