Dreamy Magic I would love in my Pocket…

I would love to find in my pocket….

~ snowflakes that lick my nose leaving a lingering strawberry shortcake aroma

~ panda bears with blonde ice tip faux hawks

~ time traveling rainbow farting teeny weeny unicorns

~ golden shiny mini horses that taste like bubble gum with hair so long I could braid it until I die

~ flying carpets handcrafted with potato chips and dip

~ kissing kittens, ducks, anchovies, butterflies, piggies, monkeys, lemurs, clouds, dragonflies, dinosaurs, and grizzly bears

~ baby hippos

~ fortune telling international cheese

~ neon pink and black transformers

~ lots & lots & lots of ice cream …. all flavors… all colors…. with mini m&m’s, marshmallows and candied cherries on top

~ the end