Unicorn Princess News and Various Other Awesomeness…

Hola Darlings….. It’s been so long and I have neglected my site…. Big Teary Brown Eyes…..

But here I am now so let’s begin … so much news it’s crazy <3

~1 ~ I totally reached my Kickstarter Love Book Goal!!!! Woooohooo! The amazingness can not be described.  So now My Love Book is almost finished the Printing Process and shall be hustled to full potential so that it can take over the Universe and make everyone Love love to the maximus….. check out all updates, info and progress at the Link here >> The Love Book 

~ 2 ~ Some of you might or might not know but I have been back to work for a while and that with being a mom of two gorgeous boys has kept me very busy, crazy, wackadoodle, tired and fairly nuts overall. But of course to keep mentally sane I have been creating some amazingness, Necklaces, Dream Catchers that make my heart sing love songs and random other art like collages, drawings and sculptures.  I really REALLY have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t make things…..

~3~ I have decided to facilitate some fun creative workshops and share my love for creativity with all of you…. I will be hosting A Dream Catcher Workshop at RedEye Espresso this Sunday, July 27th at 11pm.  There will also be a crazy pop up sale there where there will be clothes, records, shoes, accessories all very very cheap and sweet… come by, say Hi we can play hopscotch and blow bubbles and eat croissants and jump in puddles… info here >> Unicorn Princess Workshop/Pop Up Sale 

~4~ I have been showing my work at a magical most fantastical gorgeous cafe beside my office…. Alex who owns  Redeye Espresso @ 29 McCaul St. is literally the bees knees…. she makes my world turn….she is like triple scoop ice cream on top of my cone….. she is the sweetest thing since quadruple decker heart shaped Nutella Sandwiches… I love her ….If you would like to purchase or see my work you should visit… you should order a Unicorn YES! A Unicorn…. and enjoy the gorgeousness of the shop and the amazing people that frequent it….. So I thought I would share some of my most recent creations with you cause sharing is caring and you are all Wonderful! …..  Enjoy xoxoxox