DIY Magical Teepee Tent for Kids made with Vintage Fabrics = $8.65

So I got on a creative kick since getting laid off…. ( never been happier…yay!!!) …anyhoo part of that streak included of course a mandatory teepee building sesh immediately…. So did a bit of research on the google thangy and found an awesome link that inspired me and really simplified things for me, since let’s face it I’m not the building type …. A drill is fun and all as long as you don’t mind having four or five extra gaping holes next to the hook that went up…. πŸ˜‰ ….

so the helpful link is here from Ashley @ the handmade home it’s wonderful you must check it out!! This is the pic of her Teepee … isn’t it amazing?


Ok, so here’s how I did it….. I first went to the local lumber yard and hooked myself up with 6 x 8ft’ x 1″ x 2″ wood pieces, I asked for the cheapest wood, yes it was a bit scraggly but after some quick sanding it was all good…. ! The bonus was that it cost $8.65 … HOW AMAZING!

Now I’m a bit lazy ( I can admit it….) so I tied all the wood pieces together at the top myself…. and just moved them around as needed to make the shape I wanted. I weaved the rope through all the pieces in a fancy random way to make sure it was as secure as possible. (note: I didn’t drill holes as it suggests in the above link since ~ lazy + bad drill experiences = well y’know! ) ….. here’s a pic of the tied wood structure.


Now this is where the magic happens….. so easy …. I just grabbed my huge box of fabric scraps, pieces, strips and my trusty heavy duty staple gun πŸ™‚

I just started placing the fabric strips across the teepee and beams and stapled them into place… super safely πŸ™‚ I hammered them in to ensure they were smoothly flush to the wood. Now my kids are a bit older 2.5 and 10 so I wasn’t to bothered by the unsafe aspect of staples …. however if you feel otherwise you should get out your glue gun and glue them into place… also a neat trick is using the fabrics to tieΒ  and wrap the beams in place …. you could cut them into skinny strips and use as ties…. safer and looks super cute πŸ™‚ Here is a pic of this step.


Looks great huh? so I just repeated the fabric strip / pieces thang over and over … I wrapped the wood beams so that they would be a bit padded and covered ….. and after a lot of wrapping, stapling and tying….. I was finito…. xo



Kid approved !! xo

ps. I am planning on doing more diy posts…. for my magic pouffes and dreamcatchers … YAY…!