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I need to be creative to emotionally survive in this universe. I also very much love Unicorns, pineapples, baby pandas and anything else really cute especially if they talk, and yes pineapples can talk.


Elizaveta is a visual artist/illustrator, an author, public speaker and an out of the box imaginator. Her mission in life is to inspire children and adults that they should love themselves hard and forever and to follow their dreams no matter how unreachable they might seem.

Elizaveta sold her first piece of art, a painting on a piece of drywall she found in the garbage  as she was 14, her father said it looked more like wallpaper than art. This fueled a passion to continue to express her-self even if it didn’t fit “the mould” in how art is “perceived”.  Her first published work is The Love Book an Art Book for children of all ages.  The Love Book is about love, colour, imagination and seeing things, animals and objects in non-conventional ways.

Elizaveta believes that one of the biggest most important gifts we can give children is our time, our love and a platform that embraces and facilitates creative thinking. The Love Book has garnished a lot of positive feedback and is sold in retail baby and book stores in Toronto, Canada.  Elizaveta does all the distribution, promotion and consignment sales herself and also sells The Love Book at Community Markets and Fairs where she personally inscribes messages for fans.

Elizaveta Yankelovich was born in Moscow, Russia on March 5, 1977, her family immigrated first to Rome, Italy where apparently she had an affinity with squirrels and dancing in the middle of crossing the street, how convenient! After 5 years they moved to Edmonton, and after that settled in Toronto, Canada.  Her Childhood also enhanced her incredible urge to strive for the better, to always rock the boat for a passionate cause, and to be a whimsical mother, partner, writer, artist, human being. Elizaveta continues to strive for her goal to be able to live off her creative endeavours, she loves community experiences and working with children.

She is currently working on her second Children’s Book and a Collection of Short Stories for adults. All her art, books, home decor and vintage collection can be found here …. SHOP XO